High performance Cut-off & Grinding Wheels
1. Product advantages
Golden lion industry compared with the same industry product quality, in a draw, with a strong offense, blocking, let your customers more satisfaction, loyalty, trust, with time, love for a lifetime.
2. Marketing advantages
Golden lion cooperation, to provide you with the overall marketing plan, help you from selling products to sell the brand, the company has a marketing specialist help you develop your distributors, display products cost-effective, from than price to than values, let your profits, grab more market share, become a leader.
One-stop service
The company has more kinds of abrasive products, so that your procurement, storage, distribution more convenient.
4. Brand advantage
Golden lion company excellent corporate culture, advanced business model, high-quality research and development, production, marketing team, the standardized management system, strict testing standards, quality control, brand reputation, visibility, etc., in abrasive industry comprehensive competitive capability in the draw position, and the golden lion cooperation can enhance the brand image of your store.
Manufacturers work together to win the world
Enterprise culture implanted: can I help you attract talent, develop talent, retain talent, the use of good talent, let employees to be a family, material, common prosperity, career grow together, common spiritual happiness.
Team building: make the boss an entrepreneur, the manager a boss, and the employees a marketing elite. Enhance leadership, execution, and productivity.
Standardized management: help you break through the management bottleneck, development bottleneck, thus from small to large, from weak to strong.
6. Training advantages
Jinshi business school, for the franchisee training management personnel, management personnel, to help you establish the business management system.
7. Conditions for joining
1. Professional stores of grinding tools and abrasive materials in provincial and municipal markets. And in the local sales of grinding products within the top three.
2. Have a strong desire to develop, be a brand conscious, and agree with the development concept and brand chain business model of jinshi company.
3, highly agree with the company culture and rules, willing to constantly improve their personality concept, work attitude, professional skills, have a sense of mission, the strong industry want to be a entrepreneur's boss.
4. Chengzhao provincial and municipal general distribution: the sales capacity of the first year at the provincial level is more than 2 million yuan, and the sales capacity of the municipal level is more than 500,000 yuan, increasing by more than 50% continuously.