High performance Cut-off & Grinding Wheels
Providing comprehensive solutions for key parts installing, maintaining, and fixing of all kinds of vehicles in the process of cutting, grinding and polishing.
1.Aerospace & Gas Turbine

Application in cutting, grinding and shaping high efficient abrasives for turbine blades of airplane engines & gas turbine.
Main Applications
slow & deep grinding and ordinary grinding (including axial grinding and high pressure cooling liquid grinding)
• grinding disc shaving
• fixing cutting machine
• rough grinding & deburring
• welding scar removal
• slight deburring
• Surface treatment and precise machining of metals and composites

2 shipbuilding industry

To provide abrasive tools for cutting, grinding, deburring, descaling and surface treatment of common materials used in the production, maintenance and renovation of shipping industry.
Main applications:
• cutting
• grinding
• weld grinding and deburring
• Surface treatment
• Polishing and scaling
• sealing

3. Railway construction

To provide comprehensive solutions for railway and trolley track maintenance, train manufacturing, and railway station construction and renovation.
Main applications:
• Rail and heavy steel cutting
• Track and steel profile grinding
• Track grinding
• Grinding soldering seam
• Welding spot burr grinding construction and maintenance of platforms, crossties, stations and curbstone.
• Solder bead polished
• Stripping and surface treatment of panels

4. Auto parts industry

Provide innovative abrasive solutions for the manufacturing of engine parts for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and heavy construction equipment, increase value, reduce operating costs, improve quality and output
Main applications:
• External circle grinding, crankshaft and camshaft grinding, centerless grinding

• Internal circle grinding
• Plane grinding
• Double sides grinding
• Surface finishing
• Honing
• Grinding wheel dressing Crankshaft and camshaft, gear machining