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Good abrasive grinding to lead the new trend

Abrasives are used for grinding, lapping and polishing tools. Most artificial abrasive grinding with abrasive plus binders made from natural mineral rock is also useful for direct processing into natural abrasive. Abrasives except in machinery manufacturing and other metal processing industries are widely used, but also for the processing of food processing, paper industry and ceramic, glass, stone, plastic, rubber, wood and other non-metallic materials.

Abrasive during use, when the blunt abrasive, the abrasive agent itself or in conjunction with portions broken broken abrasive grains from the partial or complete loss of the working surface of the abrasive article and the emergence of new cutting edge, sharp or continuously exposing new abrasive grains within a certain time so that the abrasive cutting performance can be maintained. This self-sharpening abrasive, is abrasive tool compared with the general prominent feature.