High performance Cut-off & Grinding Wheels
Features of ultra-hard cutting grinding wheel
The use equipment of thin cutting grinding wheel is mainly slicing (cutting) machine and slicing machine, mostly imported equipment, not only its superior performance, but also high degree of automation, good working stability. Multi-purpose monolithic cutting grinding wheel, high speed, low cutting depth; The slicing (cutting) machine has wide application range and wide application.

1) Sufficient cooling
The equipment used for ultra-thin cutting grinding wheel is mainly cutting machine and slicing machine, which are mostly imported equipment. Slicing machine more
2) Good anti-vibration bearing and bed should have good vibration absorbing performance.
3) High precision grinding wheel spindle accuracy must be higher than that of ordinary grinding machine. In general, it is required that the spindle crosswise is less than or equal to 0.005mm, and the radial pulse is less than or equal to 0.01mm.
4) High speed general speed is above 3000-40000rpm.
5) The resin grinding wheel should have the function of automatic tool alignment.
6) The dynamic and static rigidity requirements of the bed body, grinding wheel frame, feeding system and other components of the rigid high grinding machine are higher, generally more than 50% higher than that of the ordinary grinding machine.
7) Stable feed system