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The company's product security inquiry system opened
The company's product security inquirysystem openedIn order to protect the vital interests ofthe dealers and consumers, opened in 2012, our company productsanti-counterfeiting query system, at the present stage for my company's newking kong products anti-counterfeiting query announcement is as following:
Scratch the anti-counterfeiting mark coating, you can see 20anti-counterfeiting digital, there are three ways to check the productauthenticity.
1. Telephone enquiries
Use telephone call 021-64837774 or 4000503315, entered the national brandgoods 365 authentication center, according to the voice prompt foranti-counterfeiting code (one-time input according to # # end after 20anti-counterfeiting code) to system identification results query voice(effective) each anti-counterfeiting code is only for a query.
2. SMS query
Edit "quality supervision" 2 words send to 12114, after receivingprompt within a few seconds edit 20 anti-counterfeiting code reply message, canreceive the query result, thereby identifying the product authenticity.
3. Internet network query
Log on the official website of Zhejiang Jinshi industry and trade co.,LTD., www.jinshi-china.com, enter allanti-counterfeiting codes in the entry box of anti-counterfeiting query column,and click "query" to read the identification page that pops up.

Note: the content of SMS and Internet query must be a pure 20-bit securitypassword without any symbol or font.
The above is through the security label stickers query authenticity, thevast number of consumers can also be identified by the product appearance,genuine product trademarks, carton printing clear, lion patterns clear. Expectconsumers to buy regular channels of genuine goods, use safety, qualityassurance of genuine goods.