High performance Cut-off & Grinding Wheels

To provide safe, innovative products and solutions for the people who build, renovate and improve our living environment.


Construction Saw & Machine

Manual & Power Tools

Cutting disc & grinding wheel

For all kinds of materials,such as cutting, grinding, drilling saws and machines:

Used for grinding various substrates of manual or    electric tools

For a wide range of materials of cutting discs and grinding wheels

• Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete

• Board

• Tiles and roof tiles

• General hard building materials

• Paints and varnishes

• Metal and aluminum products

• Porcelain, ceramics, granite, tiles, terracotta tiles

• Metal

• Bricks

• Asphalt, Abrasive and so on

• Plastic

• Polyvinyl chloride

• Portable cutting machine

• Cutting machine for stone

• Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete

• Floor saws, stone saws, tile saws, hollow drill

• Drill tools

• Hard and ordinary building materials

• Electric wiping plate

• Ground handling machines

• Porcelain, glazed, granite, ceramic tile

• Wall cutting machine

• Wall saws

• Brick, asphalt, abrasive products